Happy Charter Business

There ae many places where you can meet your team, partners or potential investors. The moment you step on a boat you are instantly relax. It is quiet, inspiring and motivating. There is a new way to arrange it all not compromising on quality and experience. Conversations instantly open, focus comes naturally and you will achieve and more. There are no season, day and time limits. We are flexible and always afloat. To make it special and tell us more feel free to use the contact form below and let us start arranging it.

Teams are constantly faced with demanding requirements from both their internal and external customers. Satisfying customers’ needs is tougher and tougher. More and more you rely and your team. Working as a team is vital and so are the off-work events that makes a team. We have arranged many Team Buildings. To say that we are experienced in organizing team buildings is an understatement.  We do business ourselves and often throw team buildings on our boats. We organize multiple such events all year round. We organize and cater for companies several times and a year and want to simply invite you to try our services and enjoy our rides. There is a no recipe for a perfect team building, yet all we have arranged so far, ending being such.

Anniversaries are special, especially when companies and partnerships have proved to be successful. Anniversaries should not be missed or neglected. There is luck and faith and moment in business and these are to cheer and appreciate. We do it ourselves and we have done it and do it for our team, for our partners, for partners of partners and it catches up. Meet your dearest business partners and associates, celebrate your achievements, consolidate, and go for more next year. 

There is a no better spot to throw a Holiday- or an Year-End Party. Work won’t stop and you, your team or best employees need to properly start a break. If there is something to celebrate you should always do it. Life is getting busier and busier, burnouts are common and celebrations are rarity. You have done it all. A cocktail, a dinner, a nightclub? A party on a boat will always impress. It will make you instantly relax and get rid off all work matters. It is hard to describe experience. You have to wish and get involved.

Which boat do you recommend?

Victoria is our only boat that is truly suitable for business events. All other boats should not be excluded, but they are about speed and adrenaline, and the lack the space and facilities needed to host a proper business meeting or event. 

What is the capacity of the Victoria?

The maximum capacity of the boat is 12 persons, but we recommend it for a business event of up to 8 people. To put it simple, there is plenty of space on the deck and a small table inside, but the deck table sits up to 8 people.

We are a big group?

It all depends on the season and the weather conditions. We have hosted many business events on the boat, but most of them were in the summer with  The Bare Island being the primary destination.
We had no problems with groups of 30 persons. We split the group in two and used all of our boats to take the attendees to the island. 

What can go wrong?

It is all about the season and the weather condition. Being businessmen ourselves, we are flawless in terms of services organizations, but we cannot control the weather. The weather can turn bad and Victoria is our only covered board. It provides shelter against rain and wind and features an autonomous heating system, which came handy on multiple occasions. It is our only all season boat for business events.

Internet access?

The signal strength on all mobile operators’ network is excellent on all of the featured routes. You will have no problems sharing your connection via Mobile hotspot regardless of season and weather conditions. 

Audio System?

We have installed a premium micro outdoor sound system with a Bluetooth access. The sound is loud and clear, so this is not an issue.

Are there enough plugs?

Yes, you can plug in your laptops, screen, mobile phones.

Coffee & Tea?

Yes, of course. We have a coffee and tea maker.


We work with the best restaurants in town and we can arrange it all at a normal price. Happy charter is about premium and we have assembled Food & Drink packages that will impress your attendees. 


Yes, we have it. If you want professional photos we have the person. 


Yes, we provide it. Boat, tables and other decorations with all your brand credentials can be arranged.


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