The Bare Island

   There are only 120 islands along the Danube river and 70, or over a half of them are located in Bulgaria. All of these islands are beautiful, but the one near Vidin is truly unique. The island emerges during the hottest summer months when the level of the Danube river falls.  It is a natural phenomenon, which if you are not local, you haven’t heard of, and you will not believe it actually exists. Its officially named after the nearby village of Kutovo, but none of the local people know and call it as such. As there are no trees, bushes or sign of vegetation it is famous as the Naked or Bare island.

   The island is a pure beauty, which depending on the level of the river stretches for as long as 4 km . What makes it further special as it is there only during the hottest summer months. The Bare Island is a true escape from reality, daily routine and stress that should be shared and experienced. It is the biggest such alluvial island in Bulgaria. Its sand is pure, its water is clean, which is something you don’t expect as the bottom of Danube is muddy and the river never looks clean and attractive to bathe in. The island is part of Natura 2000 as it is a habitat of rare birds. The birds don’t seem to mind people’s presence as the island is big enough to accommodate everybody. 




Dare | Do | Enjoy

Beach fun is limitless. The more activities you go for, the better you will feel. We adults are lazy and forgot what we used to do at the beach. The defaults, sunbathing, swimming and picnicking are there, but a twist is a must. It is silly to involve, it is silly to start, but once you do it, you will realize that it is the better way to go. 
Use your imagination and get your kids involved. We have made a list of popular yet forgotten games that will enhance yours and your kids’ experience. It is all as great as you dare make it. 
The Bare Island is special. There is so much you can do on and we have done it all to make it special. Enjoy our Food & Drink Services, use your imagination to party and have fun. You are not violating rules here. You are not harming nature in any way. There is so much space and freedom amidst the river.

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The Bare Island
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