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Four European capital cities lie on Danube, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade. Many other big cities, towns and hundreds of villages are also settled along the river. The river runs through eight European countries and each of these country has built something special on its shores. So there is plenty to be seen and it all depends on the route. The longer the route, the more you will see, but even a 15 minute boat ride won’t disappoint. 
Danube is a big, long and mighty river, and its shores and shapes are amusingly diverse. At some points it’s 1, 2, 3, or even 4 kilometers wide. In a couple of kilometers it goes from 150 meters to a kilometer in width. Dams follow gorges and islands, flat shores are followed by rocky mountains or green forests, and amidst all there are bridges, monuments, churches, monasteries and many other landmarks that lie on its shores.
Once you take a boat ride you will know that the river is the biggest ‘Sitе’ itself. Regardless time of the year or weather conditions looking at the water and the shores of the river will make you instantly relax. Ships and boats are passing by, the fishermen are out for the big catch or the current is bringing something, it’s all about experiences. Nature is everywhere. Birds, fish, animals and all kinds of trees and plants. It’s all about direction and distance and no choice is wrong. 

Baba Vida Fortress
The Bare Island
The Iron Gates
The Statue of Decebalus