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A boat trip, the huge, deep river, the endless Danube bridge is something kids will always remember. They have seen it all in the books only. Make their dream come true. Surprise them with  a BOAT RIDE!!
Birthdays are special and kids value them more than we do ours. They are planning it all, who they are going to invite, the party, the presents, and they expect their birthday to be the best one. It’s their day and it means a lot for them, and a boat trip will impress their friends and make them happy.

Throw an End of School Boat Party

The struggle is over and the holidays is on. All kids are counting the days. They hate being at school. They hate to get up early. They hate homeworks, exams and punishments for low grades. KIDS deserve head start of their holiday and there are not many places and events that will truly excite them.
They will see, learn and experience a lot. Holidays are more important than birtdays as kids count in days. Number of Days off School, number of days to the beginning of the Winter, Spring or Summer Holiday. They don’t know what Easter is, they like the only thing they truly care about is the number of days off. 
Discuss it with the teacher and the other parents. We will give our best and make a huge discounts to make both you and your kids happy.

Fill our KIDS special events form below and give us and yourself enough time to arrange it properly. We will always come up with something fresh like decorations, fireworks or festive menus. We are open to hear your ideas and customize it that particular class and surprise every child.

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