Остров Кутово

Another island, another Happy Charter destination, which is no a miss during the summer season. The island is pure nature, a protected area, part of Natura 2000. Unlike the Bare Island, Kutovo Island is covered with alluvial forests and thus it is a habitat of many rare birds, reptiles, insects and all kind of amphibian animals. It is truly amazing as there are no boat rides alike.  The island is quite big, tt spreads over 1 193 200 m² and if you are into nature this is the spot. Regardless of season, you always discover and experience. 
During the summer it turns into a beach you will fell in love with. Gorgeous panorama views over Danube Bridge, Calafat and Danube will make you instantly relax. A sandy beach amidst the huge river with the green trees next to you is a no-miss beach experience.


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