Fine sand, beach, clear waters, tranquillity and fascinating scenery. 

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The Island of Pleasures is a simple package for everybody. We have tried to assembled a simple package to make you cheer and enjoy all of Vidin’s beauties that can be seen from a boat. The Bare Island is always special as you can make it your own. An obtrusive spacious, top quality beach amidst the mighty river deserve your attention. You will have more than 2 hours to sunbathe and enjoy the pure water. Take your friends, your family and customize your package further and let us know. We will organize it just the way you like. 
Experiences are hard to describe. We are ‘Happy’ Charte for a reason. There are plenty of surprises that await you along our trip. Share the joy, take people with. 

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Pure, fine  sand, clear waters and blissful relaxation. Experience the magic of the sandy island. The island emerges in the midst of the river, some 15 km away from Vidin up the stream of the river during the hot months of July and August. An inspiring  wonder of nature, the island stretches of up to 4 kilometres depending on the level of the water. Glorious beach of pure white sand, idleness of sunbathing and water fun in the middle of nowhere, away from the hussle and noise.  

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We are flexible. You can reach for another destination, take a longer boat ride or extend your stay at the beach at a surcharge. 

Feel free to contact us at bookings@happycharter.bg or call us at +359 878 544031

The Bare Beach


Vidin - Baba Vida - Calafat - Danube Bridge 'New Europe' - The Bare Island

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