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A birthday only comes round once a year, so celebrate it with style on boat. A restaurant, a bar, that’s what everybody does. Surprise your friends take them on a boat ride. We bet that at least a few if not all of them have not been on a boat ride before. Fill our Special events request form below and lets start the planning process. You may check our packages and services to get an idea of what can be arranged, but we are ready to customize the way you want. We are proud to have held great birthdays party and people were happy picked our ride. We have never had complaints, the word is catching up and more and more people trust us to arrange their birthday.

To share a boat ride with your friends, classmates or family members is exhilarating. Restaurants and bars are cliché. There is a better way to celebrate and especially if it happens that you are in Vidin. The river is over 1 km wide, truly inspiring a mighty.

We are a great sent off for any bride or groom. For the past 3 years we have organized a couple such parties and all of our customers thanked us for appreciating and organizing a festive event in style. Regardless whether it is in the summer or in the winter, we are an alternative that makes sense. You want it special, different and a boat party is just that. In can be an overnight on the island or on the boat in off-season. You have the option to customize it all and bring your own flavor, your unique vision for an escape. The river is just that. The waters are always calm and inviting. Noise or privacy are not an issue. A premium high fi will deliver a no distortion sound to the music you want. We have made festive menus and will give you the option to customize it further or organize the catering on your own. 

Success should be celebrated. Success reinforces believes and hard work. It boosts your self-esteem and motivates you to dare and achieve next goal. We give you a wonderful opportunity to celebrate in style. Boats gives you freedom and space. They are escape from reality.

Success Party Ideas
  • Business Success Party
  • New Job
  • New Car
  • Won the lottery
  •  It’s all right, Future’s promising

Regardless whether you feel good or bad about it, you need a drink and our boats are the perfect spot. Misfortunes are symbolic of freedom. Apart from death, which is inevitable, misfortunes are simultaneously endings and new beginnings. You never know whether you win or lose. It seems bad, it seems terrible, but it’s faith. You should not blame yourself as there is no ‘if” as the ‘if’ is in the past. There is no ‘if’ to split with your partner or get divorced, to fail in business or lose a job, to crash your car. In fact life is mostly misfortunes and they’re best celebrated in dynamic atmosphere with people who love you. Invite a couple of friends and pay us a visit. Get some fresh air, have a couple of drinks, and your spirits will be lifted when you leave.

What we think
  • It’s always bad
  • It’s not you, but Faith
  • You are not the only one
Cheer Up
  • Life is short, play hard
  • Relax & Decide what’s next
  • You’d rather celebrate
Misfortune Party Ideas
  • Divorce & Separation Party
  • Business Failure Party
  • Job loss Party
  • Car Crus h Party

Prince – Instead of hate, celebrate.

Stevie Wonder – Life has meaning only in struggle. Triumph or defeat is in the hands of Gods. So let us celebrate the struggle!


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