Boats & Rides

Yes, they are. All boats are fully equipped and our captains experience are unquestionable. Each boat undergoes a thorough maintenance check once a week and routine check after each ride. We never had safety issues and our company takes safety with utmost care.

Yes, we do. Relax, in 5 year span we have no incidents whatsoever.

All of our boats are special. It depends on the size of your party as each boat has a minimum and maximum capacity. 

Gasoline-powered boats are usually faster. “Crazy” is our champion and can develop a speed of over 75 km / h. The boat is specially designed for high speed sailing and raises your adrenaline regardless of weather conditions. The other boats, with the exception of Victoria, which is a completely different class, are also extremely fast and maneuverable.

Просто се обадете на нас или на нашия капитан. Видин е малък град и няма местен, който не може да ви обясни как да стигнете до Телеграф капия.

Please, inform us as early as possible as we may have other boat rides scheduled. In case you are delayed for more than 20 min cancellation rules apply.



Yes, you can. If you don’t like our predefined routes or you have something different in mind, feel free to contact us and let us arrange it the way you want. We are open for suggestions and new routes and trips are welcomed.

Yes, you can. In case you liked a route, but that particular sight of interest is not featured, just call customer support. It shouldn’t be a problem to include it at a surcharge depending on the extra distance we have to cover.

No problem. Depending on the boat you booked, for an extra motor hour of service you will pay a fixed amount. Discounts for longer rides apply!

Unless there is a follow up reservation for a trip with the same boat, there is no problem to extend your beach time. It will be done at a surcharge, and you should inform us no later than 30 minute before departure to double check it all.

Food & Beverage

Our Food & Drink services are specially designed menus to flavor your boat ride. We have assembled a good selection of alcohol beverages and picked up traditional food pairings.

In “Food and Drink Services” we pair bottles and foods. In “Tastings” we examine and evaluate the quality of alcoholic beverages, which fell in the some category. 

All of our Food & Drink Services are customized by professionals, so you shouldn’t be worry to request and have yours assembled and customized just the you want.

At Happy Charter we offer custom boat rides and most of our serviced are prebooked. With all that we still keep a limited selection of beverages and snacks on board.

We are flexible. We will stick to our Food & Beverage options, but you are welcome to add a flavor to your Event if we are unable to have you covered. All of our prices are reasonable. All of our services are customizable. 


We offer services that are dedicated to this special holiday or event of yours. These services may include, but are not limited to, catering. Special events and holidays are tied to traditions and personalized according to age group, group size and personal requirements.

We have picked up National and International holidays we like and what to share with you. There are special prices and packages for each and every holiday on the list. Plan these well and start the booking process no later that two weeks prior to that date as there is limited availability and we are hardly matching demand.

Our Holidays packages are solely dedicated to a particular holiday. Special Event packages are usually cheaper in the off-season, but we are flexible and always find a way to give you a discount for choosing us for your special event. Still, if you find an offer, which is particularly attractive just book it as our discounts are truthful.

We need at least 2 work days for events of up to 12 people. For bigger groups, please contact Customer Support or submit a request via our our special event dedicated form.

We offer bunch of customization options. Apart from catering and personalized menus, we offer table and music arrangements, decoration, fireworks and much more on all of our Beach rides.

Yes, you can. It is your party and we want to arrange it the way you want. Contact us and let’s start the process.


Our Packages are tailor made to the needs of a broad or particular group of customers. Packages can also be seasonal, monthly, weekly or daily, and usually combine most of the services you need on a boat ride. They are easy to book and come at a discount as opposed to booking each of the featured services individually.

Packages are made to give you information on what your Boat Ride could include. Packages are there to save you money and time. If you want any special arrangements, it will be better to send us a request.

The Package you were looking at has expired. It may have been a Special Event, Holiday or Beach Package, which are dated to a particular day, week, month or season. 


We have to tried to arrange our services as intuitively as possible. We advise you to check all of our menus and familiarize with all the routes, sites, and services we offer. Once you are familiar with it all, select a boat ride, food and drink service, or  package and book it. If you still have questions just send us a request. We will get back to you shortly.

Most of our customers book at least a week in advance. During the summer, especially when the Beach Events and Packages are on, we are booked for weeks ahead. So the answer is simple, customize your boat ride and book it as early as possible.

If your group size has changed or you want to make an amendment to your reservation you should contact Customer Support no later than 24 hours prior to your boat ride schedule. 

You can pay by credit/debit card, bank transfer or paypal. We accept all major credit cards including VISA, Maestro and MasterCard. If you are an AmEx owner and you don’t have a linked PayPal account, please contact Customer Support. Loyal customers are allowed to pay on spot and in some cases we can arrange it for you. 

At least 30% of our customers are small and middle size companies and getting your invoice is not a problem. We can send it to you by email or hand it to you if you are attending the boat ride. 

We will investigate the problem and if something went wrong on our behalf, you will get refund to the amount you requested. You are welcome to contact us by submitting the complaints form in our Contacts section

All of our Packages give you at least 15% discount on the services included. All of our products and services offered at a discount are denoted as such. Loyal customers benefit from a further discount of up to 30%. 

Yes, we do. We have several companies who operate in Vidin and Sofia and use our services on a regular basis. For more information, please contact us.


You can review our services in the Reviews, as well as on the dedicated Review Section for the particular Service you used. 

Yes, you can. Our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channels are easily accessible via the mini menu above our logo on the home page and all across our website.

Yes, we are and we will be happy if you review our services there. We are doing our best to promote the event worldwide, so leaving your thoughts there will help us a lot. 

You can submit a complaint by filling the Complaints form in our Contacts Section. We rarely receive complaints, so you are more than welcome to tell us what went wrong.

Once we receive your complaint, a member of our Customer support team will get back to you in up to 2 work days. 

We value our customers opinion and your ideas are more than welcome. We are not a ‘know it all company’ and we are desperate to hear from our customers. Help us to make our boat rides better and you are entitled to all sorts of bonuses and discounts.