Scand dynamic 7100 is a wonderful weekend cruiser. This boat is ageless. The Scandinavian shipbuilding quality is in every detail. It is powered by a mighty 250 hp engine, which is extremely dynamic. Acceleration is madness. Scandy is definitely one of our fastest boats and if you are into adrenaline, you should go for this boat. It perfectly fits up to six passengers, and all of them comfortably seated. The cockpit and whole look and feel of the cockpit and the sitting area is just premium. The white leather is of quality and still in excellent condition. Scandy boasts with a large cockpit with a mobile table, and a  sun-deck for two. It has a full-size cabin with dinette table, fridge box, microwave, coffee maker. Scandy has been many times afloat. In fact, this is the 2nd most used boat in our fleet. It’s just the perfect family boat for beaching and swimming, picnics, cocktails or just fast river outs regardless of destination.


Scand Dynamic 7100

Хепи Чартър Видин