Highfield Patrol 660 is a special, multipurpose, inflatable boat, which impresses everybody. It is just a boat that you dream of having as it is that fast afloat boat that will do the job. Boat rides, fishing, water fun it won’t disappoint. The boat offers plenty of passenger space and 3 large storage compartments, so you shouldn’t be worried about space or something getting wet. The thing with inflatable boats is that everybody thinks of safety or getting wet, but the super deep V hull moves the water away from the bow, so you are never getting wet. One, two, three, 12 passenger in sharp turns, we have tested it all, the boat remains extremely stable, reliable and a pleasure to navigate. Its petrol engine generates up to 150 hp, which for an inflatable boat is truly inspiring. Sometimes a boat ride is just a no-nonsense boat and the water. This is one of our fastest boats and you won’t regret booking a ride.   


Хайфийлд Патрул 660

Хепи Чартър Видин