Our story

The summers in Vidin are terribly hot and living in could have been a survival without the river.  When we were kids, a fortnight or a week at the Black sea was a luxury, so the river was where we were spending the rest of the summer. We grew up around the river and always wanted to have our own boats.  There were no boats  to rent by the time and if you father didn’t know the owner in person, there was nobody to give you a ride. The couple of boats docked along the shore were rarely afloat and a boat trip was a dream. The boats were zealously kept  by their owners who were constantly yelling at us not to board, not to jump, not to swim around their boats. We never listened and it was actually fun to do it all, especially when they were not within a distance to catch us. We used to bathe, jump from and have fun around these boats. Our boats were not purchased for business. Boats are expensive,  hard to clean and maintain. Each of us bought one to fulfill a dream and have fun. During the years we were boarding friends for a ride. Sometimes we were making trips for a birthday or just to get together. With all boats afloat it was a much bigger fun.  Regardless whether it was a simple boat ride, or a beach on the Island, all the people we took with us had fun. A friend suggested us to start offering river boat rides and this is how Happy Charter was born.

We grew up by the river


Our vision is a blend of optimism and purpose. We envision Vidin to evolve as a big tourist center around the river. All water sports, boat rides, and events we envision to offer naturally fit the picture and will add to the beauty of Vidin and Danube. The more we do around the river, the more we will be able to do as more and more people will get involved and contribute on their own. Danube deserves appreciation and we envision ourselves as a company to  show the direction and make the path.

The more we do, the more we can do


Our mission is to introduce, establish and popularize our boat rides by constantly innovating and developing our products. We plan to introduce new destinations, routes and sights, which will entice more new customers, and give our existing customers all the choice they wish, ask for, and deserve. We will try to attract new customers by offering a greater variety of top notch foods and beverages, and improve our special events service. Ultimately, we will constantly innovate and reinvent our boat rides.

Boat Rides for everyone

Company Information

Хепи Чартър Видин